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Tips & Tricks


40% of people have a fear of flying. 10,000 unaccompanied minors travel on Air Canada alone per year. We are here to help!

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As a Traveler you are responsible for purchasing your Assistant's ticket. Did you know if you have a medical condition with a note from your doctor, it is possible to get a reduced fare ticket for your Assistant? Call the airline of your preference and ask for the medical desk.

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Easier Boarding

Did you know that if you require time and help to board, you and your Assistant can pre-board. This gives you more time and space to find your seat and place your carry on luggage close to you before all other passengers crowd the aisles and fill luggage compartments. Be sure to sit close to the airline boarding agents.

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Reduced Companion Ticket

Did you know the Westjet RBC World Elite Mastercard allows for a flat rate fare companion ticket once per year? From $99-$399 pls txs. Plus sign up bonuses! Check it out!

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Credit Card Rewards

Did you know some credit cards offer points for airline tickets? You can quickly accumulate enough points to purchase your Assistant's ticket for little to no cost.

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Did you know if you bring an empty water bottle in your carryon, you can fill it at the gate. Liquids through security are still limited to a 100ml per container and must all fit into their small bag (about the same size as a small to medium ziploc).

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Credit Card Perks

Did you know that some credit cards allow for priority check in, free baggage allowance and priority boarding? Some even allow for priority screening. Make getting there less stressful for you and your Assistant.

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Did you know if your flight is cancelled due to weather, the airline is not responsible to pay for a hotel or food? Protect yourself. Look into travel insurance. Check what kind of coverage you may already have with your credit card. Will it cover unforeseen circumstances such as weather? If not, look into travel insurance.

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