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How It Works

Connecting  Travelers with Assistants.

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With a dependent traveler membership, you can connect with kind and caring travel assistants who only require you to pay for their ticket and will help you get safely from A to B.

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With a travel assistant membership, connect with many dependent travelers to assist them during their travel while you get to travel for Free.

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Step 1

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Sign up and create a FREE profile. Add as much detail as possible.

What do you need an Assistant to help with while traveling? or What skills do you have to help a Dependent Traveler?

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Post a job or apply for a job

As a dependent Traveler post what you require from an Assistant

 in your profile.

As an Assistant apply for jobs by messaging Travelers using our chat system.

*must purchase a subscription to message each other

Beyond the website

Please take care to do your own due diligence in choosing a job or assistant.  We suggest a video conversation at minimum.

Travelers are responsible to purchase their Assistants ticket outside of this site.  Any other compensation is a bonus.  We wish you safe and happy travels!

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Step 2

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